brian saved the day

this morning the kids were being watched by my mother and partially myself. she was making eggs and i was fixing my usual turkey sandwich for breakfast. brian yelled out NO NO SISSY! DADDY’S! i took a glance at her and i didnt see anything wrong. i saw emmalee pulling off blueberrys from her blueberry bread and eating them. i told brian no, she’s fine and he insisted that that was a no no and daddy’s. i took a closer look and saw she was chewing on a screw erick had left on the table from building a computer the night before! the screw was so tiny i mistook it for a blueberry! thank God for my precious son who is such a big help to me. he helps me out of chairs and bed, throws away diapers, puts dirty clothes on the washing machine, throws away trash he finds, brings me my shoes, lets the dog out, kisses sissy’s boo boos and notifies me when something is wrong. i really havnt trained him to do some of that. he is naturally nurturing. i dont know what i would do without him. he is going to make some little girl very happy some day.

  we started working with emma on basic chores. we started with brian at about 16 months. so far she can throw away her pee diapers (poops go in the garage so brian does it for her) by the way ive been doing disposables since im not the main care taker right now. she also helps brian put toys away, brings us her shoes when we are getting dressed and is learning how to share. we have great kids and im sooo thankful for them. 

time keeps creeping by

4 weeks 6 days until my expected baby.  why cant it be today :(   i promised myself i wouldnt try to rush this pregnancy because i felt emma (born at 38 weeks) was to tiny at 7 lbs 6 oz then droping a lb wich is kinda normal. but i gotta say at just 35 weeks pregnant i want this kid out! ill compromise at say 3 more weeks but after that im charging rent. if i could shop or organize it would fly by im sure. im finding myself changing font size and decorating my lists. ive been studying up on my camera and made some changes. im going bonkers. i was on full bed rest when i was pregnant with brian at just 4 weeks pregnant. i dont remember being this uptight about it and im not even on full bedrest.

  right now my kids are shooting old passifiers out of there mouths and across the room. it must be pretty fun because they sure are laughing hard. neither one use passifiers any more but digging through daddys drawer they found some really old ones. wow whats that smell…. someone needs a diaper! i bet its brian…

  speaking of potty training was going decent. we had a nice introduction to it but im waitting till baby is born to go hard core. erick was telling 16 month old emma that we poopie in the potty not our diapers. lol. it was funny. i think we have another year before ill try with her unless she takes interest. 

having 3 small kids

well my mom made a comment today that frankley offended me. she said now that i will have a nother baby, my older ones will just have to learn how to play by themselves.  now to understand this comment and the meaning behind it i need to tell you a bit about my mother. she is elderly and grew up in a time without running water, electricity and had to use an out house. she has two younger siblings that werent born close to her age at all. by the time the youngest was a small child and my mom was off to college my grandparents had upscaled to radios, electricity and i believe a tv along with easier rules to follow.  

    so the idea behind her comment was that i wont have time for my older children and my youngest will be favored. outside looking in could seem that way. its hard to imagine one on one time with 3 kids when im just one person. infact without thinking ive even told people that one on one doesnt happen much with the two i have now. honestly it happens all the time! it just took me laying on bedrest to apriciate it because my mind is always so cluttered with chores and money which has been my problem since before i had kids. my son wakes up at 6:30 and from that point till emma wakes at 8:30 i have alone with brian. while they are both up , id say about every 2 min, i have one of them asking “whats that” while they bring me a book, or picture, or dead spider….ewww. most of the time i can sit that child on my lap and explaine what it is and watch as they react to what i say and i ussually get a huge smile or laugh from that child from learning something new.

   if i hold my stomach or put my hands to my head my son comes to me with a huge hug and kiss and say mommy ok? he looks me in the eyes while he waits for my answer and i hug him and let him know how precious he is. typically he will bring me a toy too if he thinks im not ok. i always have a helper for meal time where i show and explaine what im doing and alow one of my kids to help stir and the smiles are heart melting.

emma wakes up an hr before brian does at nap time. we cuddle in my bed and sing songs while waitting for brian to wake but its soo hard on emma to have to wait. she ussually wants to run to his room and push open his door to wake him up to play.

at around a year old its really hard to get a child even an only child to sit still and cuddle. some moms fear the end of the baby stage but im telling you it gets better and better not harder and harder. both kids race to throw away dirty diapers. they give eachother rides in the laundry basket. they build huge towers together and now that we have a tent in our living room they tackle eachother and play peeka  boo.  they help eachother with puzzles. gives kisses for boo boos and the list goes on and on. finnacially its not that hard. i buy bulk wipies at sams for crazy cheap. garage sale clothes or hand me downs… i use good disposable diapers (cloth with the new one) but thats just $90 extra a month. ive only had to increase our grocerie budget by $30 a week. insurance actually gets cheaper per kid. and the amount of joy i get out of seeing the constant smiles is priceless. it wont be harder with another baby, just more fun!

Brian post op 2 months later

well, its been 2 months since brians surgery to remove his tonsils, adenoids, and to put tubes in his ears because he was deaf in one of his ears due to cronic ear infections that i blame formula for… but we will get to that later. he is doing great! not one infection, strep throat, snoring and sleep anpia is gone AND the little man has more energy ( which could be a con depends on how ya look at it ;) )  his speech is improving too. he is about a year behind on his speech because as we all know its hard to learn how to talk if you cant hear correctly but he is learning fast and relearning old words too. his biggest issue is leaving out the first letter of some words or confusing B with P or even D. im so proud of my curly haired little man he was a trooper.

  so whats he up to now a’ days?  he loves his little pool we just bought him from target and i recomend it for anyone who has a 1-3 year old.     wow thats long…. anyways the water only gets 2 or 3 inches deep but you do have to keep the water running or its not as much fun.  he also loves to solve puzzles. he gets a very serious look on his face its precious. he will soon be the ring bearer at my dads wedding in july (what a big boy) and we have one year before we start home schooling him.  oh! karate will hopefully start in august i want to burn off some of that little boy energy so im looking into the place on rockwell and hefner (at least i think its rockwell) but there is a place here in piedmont he just hasnt responded to my email over a month ago which is one of my little pet peeves. SO! lots going on in his life.