My HOT date

so we went out to eat last night just erick, collin and myself. afterwards we headed down north west expressway to a secret destination. once we were close erick covered my eyes to reviel a DANCE STUDIO! we took dancing lessons one on one! baby collin danced right along with us which went along with my “i can do anything with a baby”theme. i had also bowled while nursing the little guy and did better with him! we had so much fun on our date.¬† i cant remember the last time i looked¬†erick in the face and we both just smiled …yes i can it was our wedding day. thats also the last dance we had 5 1/2 years ago. we were pretty good for beginers. believe it or not but our marching band training came in handy! DONT LOOK AT YOUR FEET, the ground isnt going anywhere! lol. too fun. doing it again tues… then again, and again, and again ……

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