been a while

hi guys, its been a while. honestly i was concidering giving up the whole blog deal… im realizing putting personal info about my kids and there pics might not be in there best interest. BUT, they are still small enough and its not personal enough to cause any problems but yes, as brian gets older i am going to respect his privacy and not blog about him. ive decided to do just updates.

  baby collin is 4 months old (5 months tomorrow) and 17lbs. he rolls, laughs, smiles, holds his hands, and loves everyone. he is a real people person. he also eats oatmeal and bananas. i know… he is only 4 months and thats WAY young to start food but i used some mama insticts and folowed his behavior. chewing on everything even grabing my food and shoving it in his mouth, no longer pushes food out of his mouth with his tounge, opens his mouth wide for a spoon, has healthy stools after eatting solids (no upset tummy) and finnaly he loves it and falls right to sleep after eatting. erick bought me a williams-sonoma baby food maker||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_-NoMerchRules-_-  and it was well worth it. i love it and make all of his food on it daily. i still nurse him and will untill he stops wanting to nurse. right now collin is fighting his first ear infectin that followed his first cold.

emma is almost 2 years old. no potty training yet. i think for me its better to wait until the child is able to pull up and down there pants by them selves so it may be another year. she is still missing her canine teeth and is also going through a bad cold. she loves to talk and is very girly. her birthday will be a trip to the salon for a mani pedi! she is in the 97% for her hight and is constantly getting mistaken for a 3 year old. nope, my kids are just tall. at her rate now she will be aprox 5 ft 7 in as an adult. yea…. im only 5′ 4.5″ so my kids will be taller than me. ill be the sweet little mama. we also got 2 new high chairs. the chicco 360 and we made our table longer. with this growing family our space is running out!

brian is 3years and 4 months (5 months tomorow) and is potty training well. im having to bribe him with a skittle to keep him in bed at night. pee also gets a skittle and poo gets 3! he is really into chicken. i offer him beef but he is a bird man. always going for fried or baked chicken. (doesnt like grilled). he gladly eats veggies because we told him dinosaurs love veggies and he wants to be a t-rex. i know its a meat eatter but whats a mama to do. the crazy thing is he knows how to use a computer (just like daddy). he practices his letter, colors, and everything on my laptop “shelby” and he surfs the web for toys-mainly toysrus for the newest toy story products. while he cant read technically he recognizes words like toy story or toys and knows how to navigate through a site to get to the good stuff. always supervised of course. this leads me to believe he will be homeschooled on the computer because it holds his attention so well.

and for erick and i, we have been attending saturday church because its a more reasonable time for me. collin still wakes up every 3 hrs and i dont want him in the nursery yet so i havnt been making it to sunday school and erick plays guitar sundays at 11 so he cant attend church service then. right now we are both sick with the cold. anyways we miss everyone and cant wait to see you all again soon!

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