Hello all, welcome to our new blog!

well we had to take down our old blog but now we have a new one!  since my last blog in…. well a long time ago we are 32 weeks pregnant with our surprize baby!  its the first baby ive had that i didnt know the sex.  so update the new baby is due july 15th ish.. at 31 weeks it measured by ultrasound and tape measure 34 weeks 5 days. roughly 4lbs 10 oz when it should be 2 lbs  5oz. yikes! this is our first vaginal attempt to deliver a child. ive never had contrations, never labored not even a little bit. most of you are probably thinking wow how lucky! but truely its in a womans nature to want to deliver her own child. labor releases “love hormones” that can really help bond mama and baby. when i had my c-sections i couldnt see the baby be born so when the doctor showed me a baby i pretty much had to take her word that the baby is mine… (not that i doubt it lol) recovery was hard and the loss of feeling in my lower stomach will most likely never return.

anyways~ ive found a doctor in tulsa ok who will deliver my baby. i also found one in dallas tx but that was it! i spent 3 weeks, 3 hrs every working day calling or faxing my op reports to any doc who would talk to me. so im so thankful to God that i found Dr. Thompson in Tulsa. its a crazy long drive… 2 hrs but it will be worth it. erick and i have hired a doula from tulsa and erick is excited (and scared). ill let him blog his feelings. i get comments all the time about how i should just do another c-sec, how this is a waste of time, on and on.. i try to ignore those comments but most are from my own family. so my risk is around 2% that something will happen causing a repeat c-sec.  its in Gods hands and i fully trust our Doc and my husband to help me. i have so many supportive people who totally believe in me and with good nutrition and bradley classes im sure this will be a good thing!

We can wait to meet you little one


  1. Jennifer says:

    I love the new blog! I think it’s awesome that you have a doula and are doing a vbac. We had a doula with Stella and it was the best decision ever! Hope you’re feeling great these days : ) The Fosters

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