My HOT date

so we went out to eat last night just erick, collin and myself. afterwards we headed down north west expressway to a secret destination. once we were close erick covered my eyes to reviel a DANCE STUDIO! we took dancing lessons one on one! baby collin danced right along with us which went along with … [Continue reading]


i have a hot date tonight with my hubby. we try to go out minus kids once a week. this week has been crazy with an activity every night. im looking forward to tonight but im also looking forward to the weekend when the alarm will be turned off and i can sleep till *drum roll please* 7 am! that is if … [Continue reading]

blah blah blah

well, ive got the blahs... hard to believe i have time to get the blahs but ive got them.  no energy or appetite, and its hard to stay … [Continue reading]

and a vision

all day... well really for the past year, ive been asking God to show me how to properly love and teach my children, show me how precious they are and … [Continue reading]

been a while

hi guys, its been a while. honestly i was concidering giving up the whole blog deal... im realizing putting personal info about my kids and there pics … [Continue reading]

Goodbye Kerry

Goodbye Kerry I wasn't there when you passed away. I wish we could take back that day. They day you died and perished from Earth. My dearest … [Continue reading]